Dear Business Owner,

You’ve been successful in building and operating your business. Will you be successful in transitioning and exiting from it?  We work with you to protect your business and to show you the specific actions needed now to achieve a successful transition and future exit.

Over the past several years, I have spoken with business owners around the country who had decided they had reached the point of being ready to leave their businesses.  However, no one was stepping up to provide them the transition, succession and exit results they wanted.  These owners had spent all of their time aggressively working in their business.  However, they had not applied that same agressiveness to working on how they would eventually exit their business.  They found themselves late in the game with few options.  Simply put, they were too late.

Transitioning and exiting successfully from a closely held company or family business has never been quick or easy.  Today, as business models change rapidly, this first requires that you continuously innovate the nine components of your Business Model (so you have a successful business to transition from).  This also requires that you take certain selected Succession and Exit Planning actions over a period of time.

Many opportunities exist for enhancing your business, financial, tax, personal, and legacy outcomes.  These strategies should be put in place at least 5 to 10 years ahead of your expected exit. 

Unfortunately, there has been a lack of a credible, thorough approach that takes on all the aspects of what business owners need to do today to accomplish a successful transition and future exit.

I am a member of the Business Enterprise Institute and the Exit Planning Institute, two of the leading Succession and Exit Planning organizations for advisors in the country.  I am a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)  and a long time Succession Planning and Exit Planning attorney with the Omaha, Nebraska-based national law firm of McGrath North where I work specifically with business owners around the country.

Based on over 33 years of working with business owners, I have developed The Next Move ProgramTM.  This is a unique and proprietary system which follows a specific step-by-step process.  This process enables me to select which actions are needed specifically for you to beat the odds and achieve a successful transition and future exit, while best enhancing the value and growth of your company for yourself, your loyal team and customers.

Using this program, we will work through the decisions you need to make now and the actions you need to start taking now. You will exit your business - either on your terms and timetable or on someone elses. This program will quickly show you how to do it successfully - and on your terms and your timetable.


  Nick Niemann
Nick Niemann, JD, CEPA


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